Who You Are Dealing With

Andy & Amy Westland
Andy’s journey begun by way of his Mum, who feels very proud to say she bought Andy his first hive when he was in high school. A passion that has grown over the years, Andy has developed this love of bees into a career in beekeeping, through working in commercial setups to gain as much experience as he could while growing his own hive numbers throughout the years. Even with having hives for most of his life he also finds that he is still on a constant learning curve with mother nature, no two seasons are ever the same, and the different aspects within the industry are constantly fluctuating and changing too.
A few years ago, we decided to investigate creating our own brand of honey to help diversify our business (as most of our honey is/was sold in bulk to NZ buyers who export) and try and get some more stability happening for us. We wanted to see honey come back into the typical household and show that honey is just not for toast but has a wide variety of everyday uses. We wanted to present a quality product that was easily accessible to get. Customer service is a big focus and all that goes with it, also is our integrity with how our business conducts itself. Our goal is to provide a product to Kiwis’ that is not just the honey itself but also about the ease of the experience.
Through hard work, many, many and still many, long hours, a very bumpy road and sheer determination, we are slowly but surely getting there. We have created our own pathway in this dream and like all small businesses the paths were at times, and still are, very challenging. With many more goals to reach, and the changing of the industry, mother nature and life, our journey still has a long way to go. ​