Hive to the Pot

There is only a small team of us but we do what we can for ourselves. We run and manage our own hives, everything from the hive to the pot. Where possible we make our own gear for the hives. We rear our own queen bees and extract our honey onsite on our premises. We pottle and label onsite too. So by being able to do a lot of this for ourselves we are able to create a high standard of beekeeping. Therefore we can be proud of knowing that our bees are well looked after and our honey is of a good quality.
You can not control what flowers the bees work and the type of nectar that is available to them. However you can control the quality of the queen bees, and the quality of the beehive gear that the bees live and work in.
So we do our utmost to continually maintain a high level of quality in our honey extracting facility. This comes about through a RMP or a Risk Management Program. So with 2 audits per year, this allows us to be up to export standard and approved to export by MPI.
We use no chemicals in the extracting process. We have less risk of contamination through movement to other sites for other processes as we do everything onsite. Our honey is as close as can be from the hive to the pot.

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