About Our Honey

The Purest Form - 100% Natural Honey

From pottles to buckets we have a size to suit any use; for family / household use, for eating and every day uses, to daily cooking/baking in commercial kitchen and/or catering uses. Our 100% natural honey is available in sizes 250g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 7kg and 15kg in Raw and Creamed honey.

Our honeys are mainly clover blends and all our own honey with nothing added to it. The honey is collected off the hives by us and brought straight back to our premises where it is extracted and then pottled or put into buckets, labeled and then ready to go out to you.

Our premises are all approved and up to export standard and we are approved to export. We get audited regularly to ascertain that our premises, procedures and practices are constantly at a high standard.

Raw Honey

the purest form 100% natural raw honey

Our raw honey is processed and pottled with no treatments. From our bee hives, to the extracting room, extracted and pottled and labelled all onsite.

The purest form of honey, which makes it 100% natural and not heat treated, so it allows the honey to retain all its original vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A lot of honeys have been heated to a high temperature and cooled quickly which kills a lot of the good stuff.

Raw honey 5kg bucket

Use and Storage

Because honey is a natural product it will granulate/crystalise over time. The refrigerator will speed this process up but the freezer will slow this down if you are not going to be using it for a while. This is a natural process and will differ depending on the floral source that the bees have been working on to make the honey. Therefore this is a great way to see that this is indeed a natural product.
A lot of honeys have been heat treated and therefore it will delay and/or stop this process from happening. Warm (do not heat) your honey up and this will melt the crystals and put it back into its runny form if this is your preference. Honey will not go off.

Creamed Honey

Our Creamed Honey range of Clover Blend and Multifloral Honeys has been creamed by a natural process with gentle mixing until the honey is of a perfect creamy consistency thus controlling the crystallisation process and giving the honey a very smooth consistency.

This honey is not heated and is 100% natural also. This is a raw creamed honey.​


Westlands Creamed Honey 5kg bucket


Use and Storage

Westlands honey is a 100% natural product therefore the temperature will dictate the firmness of the honey. So if it is warm, it will be softer and if the temperature is cooler the honey will be harder.
Most kitchen benches and/or pantries and cupboards are a good place for the honey to sit for an easily spreadable honey but just make sure it is out of direct sunlight.