New Zealand Local Mackenzie District Honey

Westlands Honey is nestled on the rolling pastures of the gateway to the Mackenzie District and in the lower central South Island of New Zealand.  Our hives are spread throughout the high country, the low country and the basin of the Mackenzie District. The Mackenzie is one of the most unique parts of New Zealand.

Because of the diversity and sparseness of the desert like country through to the the greener pastures of the lower Mackenzie, our floral sources are some of the highest quality nectar in NZ that our bees then utilise and produce Westland’s premium top quality honeys. 

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Carolina Reaper Infused Honey


Carolina Reaper Infused Honey is a very unique product that Chilli Chef are extremely proud of. Chilli Chef have used Westlands Raw Honey to produce a 100% local and 100% natural product collected throughout the Mackenzie region.

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From pottles to buckets we have a suitable size for any use, from family / household eating and every day uses, to daily cooking / baking in a commercial kitchen and / or catering options.

Westlands Honey have raw, creamed and comb honey with sizes from 250g to 7kg buckets

Our Honey

Westlands honey is collected off the hives and brought straight back to our export standard approved premises, where it is extracted and pottled or put into buckets, labeled, and packaged by us ready to go out to you.

Regular audits ascertain that our premises, procedures and practices are constantly maintained to a high standard.

Honey Uses

Honey has a fascinating variety of things you can do with it, from an early morning breakfast spread on toast and dessert toppings, or perhaps with cheese platters, making smoothies, or as an ingredient with other main meals.

The ideas and uses for honey are endless and we have a few more ideas for you too.